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We offer advice on international trade strategies

We act as the foreign trade operations department of companies offering support and assistance.

We support the implementation of projects for the establishment and growth of companies in the Mexican and foreign markets.

We have experience offering specialized services to Mexican and foreign companies to facilitate their establishment and successful expansion in the national and international markets.

Consulting services to companies
Matchmaking sessions
We have impacted companies established in Mexico, the United States, Asia and Latin America
We offer support in innovation and continuous improvement in administrative and management processes



This Code of Ethics (the Code) applies to all activities and services rendered by LMM CONSULTING including public relations services for government agencies and other companies, but not limited to them, performed by the team, administration, partners and any of its divisions and / or employees. The Code should be considered an integral part of the duties and obligations of LMM CONSULTING partners and employees, and as such must be observed at all times. All LMM CONSULTING members must comply with the company's Code of Ethics. Violation of any of the Articles of this Code will be punished.


All LMM CONSULTING members must perform their activities with honesty and integrity, for that matter:
• All those who render services at LMM CONSULTING must be trustworthy in their interactions with public officials and other persons, and commit to offer accurate, current and precise information.
• Persons performing LMM CONSULTING's work shall not cause any public official to violate any law, regulation or regulation applicable thereto.


The people who work at LMM CONSULTING must fully comply with all laws, regulations and standards applicable to their activities and professions and shall not incur in any violation of said laws, regulations and standards.


The people who collaborate with LMM CONSULTING must conduct their professional activities in a fair and professional manner and know all the rules, regulations and laws relevant to the proper performance of their duties in a professional and competent manner.

They must keep up to date with regards to compliance with laws and shall receive permanent training in order to carry out their duties in a professional and competent manner.

They must also show respect and civility, and will have the right to receive an equal treatment in the workplace.


People who work at LMM CONSULTING' may not represent a client when this could create a conflict of interest without the informed consent of the client or potential client involved.

The people who work in LMM CONSULTING's work must communicate all potential conflicts to the client or potential client, as well as discuss and resolve any potential conflict appropriately.


he people who work in LMM CONSULTING must vigorously and diligently work with clients' interests, including dedicating time, attention and resources to pursue client’s interests, defending and protecting client’s interests and keeping the client informed in a timely manner of the work that LMM CONSULTING is doing to pursue their interests and give the client the opportunity to choose among different options and strategies.


The people who work at LMM CONSULTING must maintain the appropriate confidentiality of the client’s information and must not disclose client’s confidential information without its previous written approval.

LMM Consulting personnel shall not use confidential information against the client’s interests or for any purpose not contemplated in the terms of the respective contract.


In addition to fulfilling all the tasks and responsibilities with the client, LMM CONSULTING personnel must show respect for the legal, governmental and judicial institutions with which they represent and defend the client’s interests.


This Code was approved on May 1, 2013 and entered into force on the date of its approval.



At LMM CONSULTING we are committed to performing practices and achieving goals that aim at the economic and social progress of our community, as well as towards the protection of the environment. In this respect, we are aware of the need to conduct our operations in a responsible way. Our services seek to achieve economic development taking into account the need to preserve the environment.


Considering the need to achieve the sustainable development of our community, our business, safety and environmental policies are designed to achieve a balance between our social responsibility goals, complying with national and international regulations and our commercial goals.


We promote a culture of growth and continuous capacity building and training so that our staff can provide a personalized, effective, professional and socially responsible service to contribute to the optimum development of each of our clients. Internally, we implemented safety and environmental protection policies, which our employees recognize as behavioral measures linked to company values.


At LMM CONSULTING, cultural diversity is one of our core values. We respect the individual rights of all our collaborators and establish friendly conditions and an open and diverse work environment. As part of our corporate responsibilities, our staff receives fair wages according to their performance, experience and knowledge. Likewise, the tasks are assigned systematically based on their level of responsibility always trying to optimize processes and improve our service and attention.


Our activities are shared with our stakeholders, from employees, collaborators, suppliers and clients of the company, to government and academic sector, as well as non-governmental organizations, when required. Our aim is to create an environment of trust that generates new ideas that promote process innovation in all of our projects and as a firm.


LMM CONSULTING's policy is to maintain the highest ethical standards in the performance of its activities, both within the company and in relation to its customers, suppliers or anyone with whom a professional or working relationship is developed.

As a business policy, LMM CONSULTING does not tolerate government or commercial bribes at any grade or level. Therefore, the personnel working in LMM CONSULTING is strictly prohibited from offering or receiving any kinds of special payments that aim at circumventing laws under any circumstances, whether in negotiations with public officials or with individuals in the private sector.

The work team at LMM CONSULTING is prohibited from engaging in corruption activities such as:

  • Bribing government officials.
  • Commercial bribery and other corrupt activities for the economic benefit of the firm.
  • Misrepresentation and concealment in accounting records regarding bribes and other wrongdoing.
  • Use of external agents, consultants and other intermediaries in possible bribery schemes.
  • Payments to streamline processes and procedures (facilitation payments)
  • Travel, entertainment and gifts for government clients.
  • Charitable donations and payments to the community in order to obtain benefits that are not transparent and would not be normally accepted.

When any member of LMM CONSULTING work team detects any activity that could be considered to be in violation of the company's anticorruption code and/or national or international legislation in this area, he/she should report the immediate superior and seek guidance, as well as Include specific information.

It is the policy of LMM CONSULTING to comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws, including, but not limited to, the Law Against Corruption Practices of Mexico and abroad.

Therefore, LMM CONSULTING prohibits any person who acting on behalf of the company, directly or indirectly, to make or receive any type of improper payment, that is intended to receive or pay bribes or give, offer, or promise the delivery of money or any other valuable object to any person, including a Public Official to inappropriately influence any act or decision of a person or to receive an undue benefit in favor of the company.

A Public Officer may include, but is not limited to, any official or employee of a government, an international public organization, a member of a political party, a candidate for a public office, any department or government agency, or any official or employee of a government-owned company.

All charitable donations and gifts must undergo an approval process in which specific questions are asked regarding the purpose of the gift and the good faith of who will be entitled to the donation or gift.

LMM CONSULTING is committed to providing anti-corruption training to its partners and employees so that each person is aware of compliance with anti-corruption policies.

LMM CONSULTING is committed to presenting information and recording transactions accurately, as well as to have internal controls to ensure that shareholders' assets are adequately monitored and safeguarded. For this LMM CONSULTING gives timely surveillance to:

  • Transactions with consultants, agents and other high risk intermediaries
  • Gifts, meals and entertainment for government officials
  • Customs and cross-border shipments
  • Charitable donations
  • Compensation commitments

When LMM CONSULTING's staff members detect any practice that may be considered an act of corruption or bribery, they should promptly notify their direct boss and / or the Executive Director.

Any violation of laws, regulations and anti-corruption regulations from both Mexico and abroad by any partner or employee of LMM CONSULTING will imply termination of the business relationship. In the case of an employee, this will imply immediate dismissal. Likewise, LMM CONSULTING will notify the competent authority in the matter when considered relevant.

In case any partner or employee detects any action or measure that may be considered a violation of the current legal framework regarding anti-corruption practices, that person must send its notification to the following email: contacto@lmmconsulting.com.mx

"To whom much has been given, much will be asked from"

Luke 12:48


At LMM CONSULTING we feel a great commitment to the development and prosperity of our community and our country. That is why in 2014 we founded the Mexico Chapter of Vital Voices, a non-profit civil society organization that is part of Vital Voices Global Partnership and is focused on promoting the leadership of women as an engine for economic, political progress and social development of our community.

The Vital Voices Mexico Chapter began activities to carry out mentoring and training programs that replicate the organization's global programs, promoting the participation of women in society as an essential agent of positive change and economic progress.


We are grateful for the work performed by Vital Voices Mexico in the realization of the mentoring session in WeXchange. The organization of the event responded to the expectations of the IDB / MIF, as well as the attendees. This session allowed us to reach the goal of promoting the economic empowerment of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Susana García Robles
Principal Investment Officer MIF/BID

I wish to extend a wide and ample recommendation for the organization Vital Voices Mexico, AC., as we have witnessed the work of this organization in promoting a greater participation of women in the economy, which translates into the reduction of poverty and Inequality by providing new opportunities for women

Dr. David Engel
Australia Ambassador to Mexico

We sincerely thank you for your participation, which contributed in a significant way to the effort to contribute to women’s personal and professional development

Sylvia Sánchez Alcántara
CEO Marketing Lab and Founder of “Retos Femeninos”
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